Your soul's confidence is more important than your selfie.

Confidence plays a big role in success, but I think that depends on the kind of emotion that is attached to your confidence.

You can be ego driven, or you can be soul driven. The two are very different.

Ego driven confidence is a mask, it makes you appear confident when in reality, on the inside you may actually be insecure.

It is a story you tell yourself, but don't really believe. At any moment when the ego is bruised, your confidence will break.

So how do we get soul confident and what does it mean?

To really become confident in your soul, a few things need to happen.

First, you will need to accept your life in this moment and acknowledge that you are 100% responsible for your circumstances. Forget your ego completely.

Secondly, you will need to learn how to become proactive with your life and not reactive. (Listen to Episode 45 by clicking the link - to learn about becoming proactive) Game changer.

In todays society, we are way more reactive than we are proactive. Social media, which is meant to help us connect and network, has become a tool of survival instead of business.

Anytime we are going through anything, we post on social media.

We seek opinions and validation on social media.

We compare ourselves to others, on social media.

You get the point; we depend on social media.

This has programmed us to become a reactive society.

Not logging off and feeling our intuitions, makes us react faster instead of problem solving.

In most cases this creates more problems.

Instant gratification has made it easy for us to enjoy the moment, but we fail to understand - how to live in the moment while planning for our futures.

To become really confident and strong, on a soul level – get proactive.

Log the F*#@ off social media

Seriously. Nobody should be posting to get attention. Whoever it is you are posting for to prove a point to, STOP.

I promise you need to only prove a point to yourself in this world to actually enjoy and love your life.

Do you know how many people appear happy online, but in person are always upset and lost in life? Too many.

start Ditching the habit.

Understand social media is an addiction, and just like any other addiction it will take time and the proper steps to break free.

Yes, you will have withdrawals because you may be someone who has made social media part of your daily routine.

﷒ Start to journal (Episode 47 on Stupid Wise Girl The Podcast discusses this)

﷒ Meditate

﷒ Read and study about what your field of passion/work

﷒ Work out

﷒ Get out of the house

Do anything to keep yourself away from, and off social media. Especially in dark times. You will never find the answer or heal by looking at other peoples lives while neglecting your own.

The more you do things for yourself, for your soul, the more you become proactive.

Social media is not the only thing that makes you reactive.

Always asking people for their opinion

Yes, seeking answers for your life from someone other than you is reactive. You want real answers or do you want to hear the answer you are hoping for?

Even though some people might have your best interest in mind, they can never walk your path for you.

Keep in mind, people give you answers based off their experiences, which has nothing to do with your journey.

We seek opinions over and over again, until someone tells us what we want to hear.

your intuition will tell you the answer.

Dig deep into yourself, and yourself only. Ask yourself the hard questions and allow your souls confidence to be the compass in your life.

Get to know yourself, and love yourself. Remove the distractions from your life, the ego loves to be fed with distractions.

Make your soul, the most strongest, most confident thing about you. your destiny will thank you.