The power of your perspective

Everything in life that happens to us, happens for a reason. It is up to us to decide if we are going to stay in a victim mentality, or step into a warrior mentality. Destiny and freewill are both present but our perspective can either take us closer to -- or further from our destiny. Bad things happen to all of us. Nobody , no matter how fun, nice or exciting and happy we can appear on social media, each one of us has something that we have to overcome.

The pain is there to open our hearts and our minds into our limitless potential, should we accept and understand this.

Whenever I go through something, I make it my mission to heal. Healing plays a big role in perspective. Healing means accepting and understanding that in this moment in time, you need to feel what you are feeling, to learn what you must learn. Healing - real healing , is painful. A lot of times, many people shy away from it because pain is overwhelming.

I want to say right here right now, we all feel the same pain. Although we go through different things and we think nobody else has the same pain that we do, we feel the same. Many people turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, all kinds of addictions to numb and distract the pain. This makes the pain worse overtime, because the soul is what needs work.

The lesson needs to be learned, or it gets more painful.

Healing comes with crying, don’t avoid it if you need it. I used to throw myself into work and that just numbed the pain for a little while, until the next time a trigger triggered the pain. Triggers are important, they let you know what needs to be healed, pay close attention to them.

Give yourself permission to be broken. Accepting that you are broken is the first step in healing. How can you put the parts together if you don’t know which parts are broken?

That is part of the human experience, where the spirit checks in with the human. Like – hey do you understand that you're human and are suppose to be flawed?

Destiny is the soul contracts and appointments we made before we entered this world with each other, places, and events.

Free will is how we prepare for destiny.

Free will is split into two roads. The road of least resistance and the road of too much control. (click to listen to Episode 49 to hear more about this)

"Luck is simply when preparation meets opportunity."

It's when your destiny and your free will align that magic happens.

I want you to heal because I want you to get ready for your destiny.

I want you to manifest.

I need you to look at things from different angles. Observe the angles, for you will get a much clearer view when you actually face it.

No matter how painful it may seem, try to see the best possible perspective.

What will you do differently once you learn?

I want you to know that the pain you feel is suppose to be there, I want you to cry heal and step into your greatness.

your greatness is waiting for you.