past life regression, wait what?

I know what you must be thinking, because I used to think that way also.

What on earth is past life regression and why would I want to do it?

For starters, past life regression is when you get hypnotized and guided through a subconscious journey to remember your past lives.

Excuse me? Yes, you read that correctly.

When I first learned about past life regression I was beyond skeptical. I was very judgmental and really did not think it was possible.

Many other questions ran through my mind.

How do I know this is my past life?

What if I am just imagining it all?

What if it is just fantasy and not memory?

How can I make the connection with people from a past life into my current life?

Well, let's start at the beginning.

I came into the office and truth be told, I was there to prove that this method is crazy and wont work on me.

I sat down in the chair and I remember telling myself, if you really want this to work - you must be open to the possibility of it.

I closed my eyes and my hypnotherapist began guiding me.

I am not sure how long it took before my memories began to come through, but it felt very real when they did.

So what did I see? A lot.

The hardest part was seeing someone in a past lifetime, seeing them as my soulmate, and living an entire life with them and then waking up to reality.

That sucked.

Obviously they did not look like themselves.

Here is how it works.

When you are getting visions or memories from a past life, you see a different version of people, what they looked like in that life. However as they approach you - in the vision, who they are to you in this lifetime begins to flash so you can make the connection.

When I saw my old life, soulmate and past life husband, and realized who it is in this lifetime, I cried. I was not expecting that, and although the connection in this lifetime is strong - our reality is far from our past life experience.

How did it help?

It helped me understand the depth of our souls.

All of us, and how deep this thing we call life really is, or isn't.

It helped me let go of world'y attachments and let go of my need to control situations or outcomes.

And as creepy as this may sound, it made me realize that if for some reason in this lifetime it never happens for us, we are connected beyond our human forms. (Like - you're actually stuck with me,forever😎)

We will meet certain people to learn things, and others such as soulmates enter our lives to remind us of who we are should we ever lose track. Which is what happened in my situation.

Besides seeing that connection, the most powerful realization I had is learning the power and depth of my subconscious mind.

l always knew the conscious mind and subconscious mind are different, however during my session the two kept battling.

Anytime my subconscious mind had a memory, my conscious mind kept calling me - or my subconscious, stupid.

"This isn't real, what are you doing?"

"What are you thinking?"

"Are you serious?"

"Give me a break."

My conscious mind would not stop racing as my subconscious was simply trying to remember.

So how do I know it is not my imagination?

Well, I have to be honest I am not great with history. Actually I suck.

I was asked what year I am in and what country. I uttered dates and locations, and afterwards I confirmed on google.

I know I would NEVER imagine these things, yet alone have known much about history from my own imagination.

So yes I checked google for certain things. I had to.

But seriously, I would not be able to come up with the stuff that I saw at random.

When the session ended, my body purged.

Which is interesting because there was no substance used during the procedure.

But just like any spiritual experience, such as ayahuasca, my mind and my soul took this experience seriously.

Clearly, I had past life energy that really wanted to purge.

I held on to lifetimes of guilt, love and control.

I also held on to someone in this lifetime, in a very aggressive manner because of who they were to me in a completely different lifetime. (finally some sense and closure)

After I purged I felt brand new.

Much more relaxed and I now trust my journey so much more.

There is no need to control, although as humans we want to know everything and solve it all.

The beauty of this journey is the experience, the people we meet, and the lessons we teach each other.

The love we exchange, and the kindness we pour into others.

That truly is the human mission.

Somewhere along the way we all lost love for each other, and for ourselves.

We began living in fear, anxious and trying to control everything.

Truth is if we could just be in the present moment, relax and radiate love - everything would work itself out anyway.

It is designed to, and that is part of destiny.

Destiny wants you to reach it, but the power of our thoughts can mislead us into misfortune.

That is why thinking good thoughts and having good energy is important on your journey.

Our intuition is also here for us, as a compass and reminder from your soul in which direction to go.

Do not think your intuition isn't real - that is your conscious mind, or as I like to say , the mind bully , talking.

The conscious mind is there for our protection and for logical thinking.

The logical mind is how we learned to hunt for food, how we quickly think when it is time to defend ourselves against danger, and so on.

It is not there for us to make life choices, that is what our subconscious mind is for.

Our subconscious mind and intuition together are a very powerful team.

Together they guide you into your destiny.

The question is, can you learn to love and trust yourself enough to follow your heart?

Hopefully you can.

Would I recommend past life regression to everyone?


The same way not everyone can do ayahuasca, is the same way that not everyone is ready to open up the subconscious mind into such an in depth experience.

It is truly for someone who is spiritually very awake, and is ready to understand their soul more.

Not their human form but their soul.

If there is one thing I can say to you after my experience that I know to be true, we are always divinely guided and protected , as long as we believe that we are the universe responds and has our back.