Holiday gift ideas, thank me later.

December is always that month that we purchase our friends + family gifts. Big or small, it is the thought that counts during this time of year.

Although 2020 has been an uncertain year it is up to us to keep the joy and the spirit of giving, alive.

As I searched for gifts this season for my loved ones, I began putting together a list of my favorite items, and stuff that is interesting that others can find useful.

10. Crystals: Crystals are very powerful with their energy, and each one has a different meaning and form of protection. With all the madness in the world, it is a very thoughtful idea to give someone a tiny powerful tool that can be with them through these times. Something your loved one can hold onto, and cherish for a long long time.

9. SECURA Wine Opener: This is one of my favorite gifts because who doesn't need a good wine opener? The Secura Wine Opener easily removes the cork in seconds. It has a cool LED light that changes as it pulls open the cork. I love the presentation of this wine opener, and overall cant go wrong with it.

8. Gravity Blanket: These are really the talk of the season, for so many reasons. These 15 lb gravity blankets take away stress as you snuggle up and relax. The Beararby Blanket is the best quality, it lasts for years.

7. Phonesoap UV Sanitizers: With everything going on in the world, who wouldn't love these compact devices that can sanitize your phone, keys, watch, credit cards and other small items. It is a mini bath for your products after being outside during such germ'y times. This makes a great gift, useful and interesting gadget !

6. Jot Ultra Coffee: This coffee is 20x more stronger than regular coffee. With just one tablespoon you can make your own iced coffee, and lattes at home. It is organic, and a great alternative for single serve coffee pods. Jot Coffee is a great gift idea for your coffee loving friends.

5. Polaroid Pocket Printer: We take so many photos on our devices these days, we rarely ever have time to print them. The polaroid Pocket Printer let's you physically print your photos from your phone. Connect it and print your photos within minutes!

4. Mackenzie-Childs: You actually cant go wrong with this brand for the holidays, ever! There are so many options to choose from. Amazing bottle stoppers, wine glasses, cups and so much more. One of my most favorite favorites!

3. Kindle Paperwhite: Know someone who loves to read? This tablet is totally waterproof also, perfect for reading in a bathtub! A great idea for the reader in your life.

2. Long Distance Friendship Lamps: Probably the cutest gift idea ever. Being far away from someone you love can be rough. Imagine having a lamp that lights up whenever someone on the other side thinks of you and taps their lamp to let you know. That is a bright way to show someone you care.

  1. A gift card: You can never go wrong with a gift card for a massage, or a loved ones favorite store. This always allows them to purchase what they love.

I hope this list helped you come up with a few good gift ideas!