from me, to all of you.

I know this may seem like a scary time in our lives. 2020 was a year of hope for many, and within the first three months, tragedies are happening back to back.

The most recent and scariest one being the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

As quickly as the virus is spreading, we must do our best to stay calm and reflect on the things that matter the most. Our health is first, we cant love others without taking care and loving ourselves. Now is the perfect time to limit your sugar and dairy intake. It is the right time to reset your body, your mind and your spirit.

Eat or drink your greens, however you can get them in.

I fell in love with SUJA juices, and now more than ever, drink the Uber Greens juice every morning. I am also a Mom to a 4 year old, and I have to make sure he gets in his greens also. For children, I recommend SUJA's Twelve Essentials juice, it is sweet and children will enjoy it much more.

Elderberry liquid has become my friend also. Elderberry has antioxidants and vitamins that boost your immune system. For years, Elderberry has been used for the common cold, and "Influenza". Taking 1 spoon a day, for 4 days straight, with a 3 day pause and then 4 days again, can help boost yet balance our immune systems. Everything in moderation.

Time to relax

In the next few weeks or even months, staying home more might become our norm. As a busy society, this can feel scary for many people. I want us to take this time to really enjoy the simple things. We are blessed to be alive, lets start with that. If you are able to read this, you are really blessed. Think about the homeless, the hungry, the helpless who cant blog or be on social media. Consider Third World Countries, that find happiness in simplicity, and are happy - just being. Spend time with loved ones, turn the tv's off. Limit your distractions and align yourself with your highest , truest potential. Study about things that may interest you. Find a book you may want to read (via kindle or nook because germs and libraries aren't good right now-duh!)

Don't let fear win

Don't sit home and panic, have faith in your hearts to know we will get through this time. Will it be easy? No. However, life teaches us all time and time again, we can overcome anything if we take it step by step, and day by day. This may be a Universal Sign for us all to slow down, and come together. To prioritize on health and love for self and others.

Now is the time to really use the power of your perspective. Praying for everyone, sending all my love. We will get through this.

love Jackie Minsky