5 ways to manifest #kickoff2020

We have all been trying to learn how to manifest for years now. The term itself is very majestic and surreal, manifesting - sounds a little intimidating. Many people hear the term and shy away from it, thinking that they can't change their life.

[ Man - I - Fest ] Lets break it down.

Man, our form - we are mankind - we are human beings.

I , you yourself and your soul is your state of I.

Fest, an event or assembly of people engaged in common actives or large gathering of a specific kind.

What does that mean?

It means our human forms are here to embrace on a spiritual journey. All of us.

There is no way that only a limited amount of humans can have a spiritual experience, while the rest can't.

So why do only a few people understand and get results?

For starters, we all forget our desires and dreams as we get older. We are the robots we watch in movies. We are programmed and conditioned to see life as it is, and not as the spiritual experience can create it.

What can we do?

After years of mood boards, and not understanding what was happening, I decided to study this and play around with manifesting. To my surprise what I am about to say next will sound borderline insane, and that is how it felt at first. The more sure I became, the more I manifested, e v e r y t h i n g.

The word is KNOWING. In manifesting, you need to KNOW more than you believe that your goal and your desire is already yours. Hold it in your heart and mind, but release the outcome. We need to release the outcome because if we obsess over it, when we think it is not here yet, we are in the absence of it, not in the abundance of it. In the abundance, we know - WE KNOW it is ours. It is ours. It is yours. It is. It is, is as powerful as I am. It is yours.

the Five ways:

1. Make sure the intention is genuine and pure before visualizing.

Super important that we must be sure the ego isn't asking for something but the soul is.

2. Close your eyes and feel as if it happened, now, in this moment, it's happening.

Hold that feeling, hold it for a little over a minute until it feels really really good.

3. Go dance. "what did you just say?"

Anytime I want to manifest, before I release and let go. I make sure my energy is at an all time high. I put on headphones and dance around the house. Seriously. Crazy but it works. It is the best way to raise your frequency, which is how the universe will sweep in when you're vibrating at an all time high.

4. Forget it.

Forget you asked for it, release it into the world and let it get delivered. The universe has a way of knowing when your package should arrive, as it watches you prepare for it.

5. Prepare.

We tend to leave this part out. If it is love you're seeking, prepare for it by being alone and learning to love yourself. If it is a career you asked for, begin stepping into that role because it is already you. You will need to meet the divine half way, by vibrating at the same frequency. The universe will then know how soon, and when to give you your desires.